Paulina Chochulska

Ballet, Contemporary & Jazz

Paulina started dancing at the age of 3 in a local kindergarten dance group, soon progressing to ballroom dance classes in the local Culture Centre. At the age of 10 she joined one of five Comprehensive Ballet Schools in Poland where she studied ballet, contemporary, folk dance and the history of dance for 9 years, graduating with a Professional Dancer Diploma.

While training in ballet school she also worked for Cube Dance Academy, where she started as a dancer and progressed to the position of dance teacher and choreographer. She ran classes and created solo and group routines for IDO dance competitions, as well as choreographing for commercial events. During her time with Cube Dance Academy she competed in many IDO championships, both nationally and internationally, achieving impressive results, including a silver medal in the IDO World Championships in Riesa, Germany.

Paulina moved to the UK in 2014 where she continued her dance journey. She performed with Manchester based vogue group House of Decay in many events across the country, also performing in several South Yorkshire musicians music videos, and continues her personal development by regularly attending dance classes and workshops.

Paulina specialises in contemporary, ballet and jazz and she loves to draw elements from all of these techniques into her choreography, creating her own unique style – her passion and creativity is evident to see!.

She is currently studying for her IDTA Level 4 Diploma in Dance Teaching and has recently joined the Hype Dance Company teaching team. She also offers private classes for all ages and abilities in ballet and contemporary – get in touch with us if you would like more details.

Dance has always been my passion and the language to express myself. Being able to share this passion with others in the studio, and see how they find their confidence, creativity and ways to express themselves through dance and movement is absolutely priceless.

– Paulina Chochulska

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