IDTA Exam Dance Classes are Back!

In light of the recent government announcement regarding socialising in groups of no more than 6, we wish to clarify to you that this does not affect Hype Dance Company and we can remain open, operating as per our new Covid-19 guidelines.

From 7th September 2020 we will be re-starting dance classes at our studios. Initially we'll be running a smaller timetable than usual with the intention of getting back to a full and normal timetable as soon as possible. Our first concern is the safety and wellbeing of our staff and customers and to that end we've made some changes to the way we'll be doing things.

What have we done?

Minimising contacts and mixing between people reduces transmission of coronavirus (COVID-19)

We have closed off reception / changing rooms and will not allow parents into the building. You will be met by one of the team at the door, who will lead the children up to their studio. They will be walked down and staff will wait for them to be collected in the foyer.

The overarching principle to apply is reducing the number of contacts between children and staff. This can be achieved through keeping groups separate (in ‘bubbles’) and through maintaining distance between individuals

We have grouped all lessons for Ballet, Tap and Jazz together. Each class bubble will work in one studio and staff will rotate to come in to teach. All children are getting the same length of class as they previously had before lockdown.

Maintaining distinct groups or ‘bubbles’ that do not mix makes it quicker and easier in the event of a positive case to identify those who may need to self-isolate, and keep that number as small as possible

We have scheduled the classes to allow time for classes to leave / arrive and to minimise the number of children in the building at one time.

Ideally, adults should maintain 2m distance from each other, and from children. We know that this is not always possible, particularly when working with younger children, but if adults can do this when circumstances allow that will help

All staff will work at distance and there will be no physical contact from tutors with the children / children with each other.

In addition to the Government advice above:

  • We have implemented track and trace signing in
  • We have limited the number of people in the building at one time
  • We have heightened our cleaning procedures
  • We have installed sanitisers in the building
  • Contact areas will be sanitised after each class
  • Appropriate time has been allowed for air to circulate in between classes

Saturday Classes

We are offering all classes except Acro, which is highly reliant on contact work so will remain off the schedule for the time being. You will see that each class will take their classes back to back in their class bubble and in the same studio. There will be no moving around the building for them, just for tutors. If your child only attends 1 subject in their class bubble they can still attend that one class, please contact us to check the time to arrive.

IDTA Exam Class Timetable from September 2020

Below is our IDTA exam dance class timetable which runs from 7th September - 18th October. All the listed classes below run on Saturdays. Please click here for details of our open dance class timetable.

Class Grade Time
Mini Movers (3-6) Creative Movement & Play 09:45 - 10:30
Ballet, Modern Jazz & Tap Primaries (7+) 10:00 - 11:30
Ballet, Modern Jazz & Tap Grade 2 10:30 - 12:00
Tap Dance Grade 3, Group 1 12:00 - 12:30
Ballet, Modern Jazz & Tap Grade 3 12:30 - 14:45
Ballet, Modern Jazz & Tap Grade 1 12:30 - 14:45
Ballet, Modern Jazz & Tap Seniors 15:00 - 17:45

Points to Note

  • Please read sign on door and if you / your child has symptoms, do not enter
  • Students must sanitise before going upstairs and again before entering the studios
  • Students must arrive ready - the changing room & reception are not open
  • The toilet is open operating 1 person at a time to maintain social distancing
  • Please ensure any bags can be hung up on pegs in the studio - nothing to be left on the floor please
  • Do not come into foyer or upstairs until you are met by a member of staff
  • Please remind your child to adhere to social distancing
  • Masks / gloves may be worn during class although they are not mandatory
  • Please leave the building as soon as your class has finished - no loitering!

Remember, this is a new system for everyone so please be patient over the first few weeks as we all find our way, and soon we can return to full steam ahead as we were in March. Rest assured the usual energy, laughter and enthusiasm will be here when we see everyone again!

We thank you for your support and look forward to seeing you here in September. If you have any questions just get in touch. Stay safe...