What level is suitable for me?

  • Beginner: If you have no experience in this style - or it’s been a while since you’ve danced, then always start at this level. If you find it too easy - then move up!
  • Improver: You’ve got a general understanding, but not ready for a quicker pace of teaching.
  • Intermediate: You’ve got some experience and confidence in this style.
  • Advanced: You’re used to dancing and have experience in the style.
  • Open: Anyone can attend! It’s a general class.
  • Exam: This depends on previous experience - so call us to discuss with someone on the team who can advise you.
  • Performance: These classes require regular attendance so you must be able to commit to the majority of the classes.

Do I need to book for a class or can I just turn up?

Most classes are drop-in classes so you can simply turn up - it’s just exam classes, performance groups and private lessons that need to be booked in advance.

What do I need to wear for class?

  • Ballet / Pointe: Ideally a leotard and tights/shorts, but if this seems too daunting then any comfortable tight fitting clothes, so the tutor can see your lines. Again, ballet shoes are preferable but barefoot is fine for the first few weeks. Pointe shoes should be worn for pointe class.
  • Tap: Tap shoes are ideal, but if not then a hard soled court/evening shoe. Comfortable trousers, not jeans and a loose fitting tshirt or vest top.
  • Jazz: Anything that you’re comfortable in, but tight fitting so the tutor can see your body. Jazz shoes are optional, as barefoot is acceptable for this class.
  • Street / Break: Loose fitting clothes. Ideally tracky bottoms, not jeans. Please wear trainers for this class.
  • Contemporary: Anything that you’re comfortable in, and barefoot for this class.
  • Acrobatics: Something fairly tight fitting that won't get in the way! Bare feet for this class.
  • Creative: Loose fitting clothes. Ideally tracksuit bottoms, not jeans. Bare feet for this class.

How many people are in the class?

This depends on the class, but no class is too busy that you can’t see - else we’d simply run another class for students!

How old is everyone in class?

All our adult classes are for ages 17 upwards, and we really do have students of all ages! Teen classes are from 12-16, junior classes from 5-11, creative dance age 2-4. Exam classes vary, depending on the grades, so that’s harder to say.

When is there a new routine starting?

In all of our drop-in classes, there’s no set time for new routines as each tutor works differently. So don’t worry about when you join these classes. The show / performance classes do work on set routines so the best thing is to call and check!

Can I take exams?

Yes, of course! We do exams in RAD & IDTA Ballet, IDTA Jazz, Modern & Tap and IDTA Streetdance. These are primarily aimed at children and teenagers, but if you’re an adult and want to take exams then ask the tutor. For adults, we also offer teacher training with the IDTA for Ballet, Jazz, Modern, Tap, Stage and Freestyle.

Do you do an annual show?

We have an annual show around March / April. Every class can take part, though this is entirely optional and NOT compulsory! There are often several events throughout the year that classes take part in, including Chance to Dance & Fright Night.

Can I have private lessons?

Yes! Each tutor teaches private classes and these would be booked directly with them. The price can vary depending on the tutor from £30 to £50+ per hour.

Is there any way to save money on my classes?

Yes. For drop-in classes you can pay for the term in advance to receive a 10% a discount. We also offer a student discount on display of a valid NUS card for our 60 & 90 minute classes.

How long will I be in beginner class?

This totally depends on you - there’s no set timescale for it. But when you feel comfortable with the style, try the next level class and see how you get along - you can always drop back into the lower level class.

Do I have to pay per term?

Our drop-in classes are all pay as you go, however we do offer a discount of 10% if you’d like to pay per term upfront. Our exam classes must be paid for in advance at the beginning of each term. This includes the adult exam classes as well.

How much do classes cost?

Classes are all priced at £3 for 30mins, £4 for 40 / 45minutes, £6 for 60 minutes (£5 under 18 & NUS) and £9 for 90 minutes (£8 under 18 & NUS).

Are the tutors fully qualified?

Yes, of course. Each tutor has different qualifications and these can be seen on the teacher profiles in our studio or on the tutor profile page on the website. Hype also offers various training for dancers.

Are you recognised by any governing bodies?

Hype Dance Academy is a registered centre for pre-vocational dance with the Council for Dance Education & Training (CDET) and has been since the scheme started. We are also members of the International Dance Teachers Association (IDTA) and the Royal Academy of Dance (RAD).

Do I need to have any experience to join the Beginners classes?

Absolutely not! Everyone’s a beginner at some point so this is the right class for you!

Where can I park?

There’s plenty of free on street parking right outside the studio.