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New Dance Classes Running Over Autumn

We have a host of new classes running over Autumn. Teen Contemporary, Adult Beginner Contemporary, Adult Beginner Tap, Dance Fit to Classic 90's tunes, Parent and Toddler sessions, Bellydance and Mash It Up Fitness are all being added to our growing and diverse timetable.

Please see our dance class timetable for full details of all classes we offer here at Hype Dance.

Contemporary Dance

We have split our junior contemporary class into Juniors (7 - 11) and Teens (12 - 16). We have also added a new beginners class for adults that is suitable for complete beginners to the style.

Tap Dance

We've added a new beginners tap dance class for adults, again suitable for those with no previous experience. The current open class is now an intermediate level class. The beginners class will teach you the complete basics of tap from the beginning.

Dance Fit

This new class will aim to get you fit by dancing to some classic 90's / 00's dance tunes. Based on High Intensity Training (HIT) with no dance experience required, you'll get fit without even realising it you'll be having so much fun!

New / Recent Parents

Inclusive dance classes for toddlers and parents/carers of all abilities. Classes are aimed at toddlers aged between 12 months (who are confidently walking) to 3 years and their parents/carers. These drop in sessions are a perfect way for parents/carers to bond with their children in a creative, fun and safe environment.

These engaging sessions will explore dance and movement using a range of different sensory aids accompanied by a diverse music playlist. Dance and movement will help children to develop many skills such as strength, coordination, flexibility, musicality, creativity, trust, confidence and discipline.


Eleanor Gaywood will be starting a bellydance class here at Hype Dance on Tuesday evenings, 18:00 - 19:00. Drop in to this friendly class and learn this beautiful and ancient art form. Suitable for all ages and abilities. Have fun, keep fit and make friends - and no, you don't have to get your belly out!!! Shimmy belts are provided.

Mash It Up Fitness

Sarah SHE Hobson will be bringing her style of dancehall fitness to Hype Dance on Wednesday mornings, 10:00 - 10:45. Full details can be found at the event page on Facebook.

Capoeira Class

Joanna Simpson is leading a brand new adult class for complete beginners to capoeira and is open to all. You’ll be learning new moves, training with others and getting a whole-body workout in every session. The class is every Thursday at 18:00.