Savage Beauty


"FANTASTIC performance! Great to see the sport of boxing transformed into the art of dance" - Brendan Ingle, MBE

Savage Beauty is a physical feast of dance and boxing, produced by Hype Dance Company.

Inspired by the lives of world champion boxers, the work fuses Ingle Gym’s footwork patterns with contemporary hip-hop dance theatre.


"You could really feel the emotion in the performances..."

Through high-energy and hard-hitting movement the show exposes the influences and stories of the humble Sheffield based gym, which has produced champions such as Prince Naseem Hamed, Johnny Nelson and Kell Brook.

With moving voiceover from world renowned trainer, Bendan Ingle, Savage Beauty hits you where you least expect it.


"Hype Dance Company performed an excerpt from a new piece of theatre, ‘Savage Beauty’. Strange, but surprisingly engaging" - Bookslam.